The Neighborhood

Friends of Martin Acres focuses on the Martin Acres Neighborhood and surrounding areas.

The Martin Acres Neighborhood is the area located in the triangle created by Hwy 36 on the northeast, Broadway on the southwest and Table Mesa Drive on the south.

Below is a map of the area.












The Martin Acres Neighborhood is made up of four subdivisions. The subdivisions are as follows:

  1. Highland Park: The oldest subdivision built in the 1950’s which also travels west of Broadway.
  2. Martin Acres phase 1: Built in 1955 located between Highland Park to the north and Martin Park and Creekside Elementary to the southeast.
  3. Martin Acres phase 2: Built in 1956 and 1957 phase 2 is located to the east of Martin Park.
  4. William Martin Homestead: Built mostly in 1960-1962. William Martin Homestead stretches along the southwest side of Highway 36.

Although the Martin Acres Neighborhood consists of the areas described above our community includes neighbors who live outside of the official neighborhood.