Bear Creek Path Mural


Creekside’s Jeanette Peters and 3rd graders (in 2014) did an amazing job designing the mural now installed in the underpass under Martin Drive next to Creekside on the Bear Creek multi-use path. The chalk drawings on the other side have been a huge hit as well!  Check out some of the beautiful drawings on the FMA Facebook page.  Also, be sure to see if you can find all the ‘hidden’ planes in the mural.

The next phase will be the signs on Bear Creek and a mural installment focused on the 2013 flood.

A big thank you to:

  • Wendy Rochman, our neighbor and friend, for leading the art team and volunteers
  • Jeanette Peters, Creekside art teacher, for working with the kids in class on the brilliant art and design
  • The City of Boulder for their ongoing support and generosity
  • Cha Cha, for helping us get the project off the ground and working with the second graders last year.
  • The Boulder Arts Commission for the generous Arts in Education Grant for the first two phases of the project.
  • The Boulder County Arts Alliance for their support with the grant for completing the third and fourth phases of the project.
  • Aaryn Kay for grant writing and project development support
  • All of the volunteers who continue to help make this a success. Thank you!

Lots happening this weekend. Saturday at 10:00 AM will be the next mural day in the underpass at Martin Drive on the Bear Creek Path next to Creekside Elementary School. We’ll be there for at least one hour and possibly two.



This time we’ll be adding color to the design!



If you’d like to help us paint just show up and we’ll give you a brush J



We’d love to see you there and can always use more helpers!



Hope to see you there ~